Michigan Wolverines news: Lou Holtz on Ryan Day, ‘He doesn’t want to talk about Michigan’

Former football coach, Lou Holtz, speaks remotely during the Republican National Convention on August 26.Usp News Republican National Convention A Eln Usa Dc
Former football coach, Lou Holtz, speaks remotely during the Republican National Convention on August 26.Usp News Republican National Convention A Eln Usa Dc /

In our Michigan Wolverines news roundup, Lou Holtz responds to Ryan Day’s comments, plus Michigan football players notched eight sacks In NFL Week 3. 

As a Michigan football fan, it was hard not to be amused as Ryan Day went after 86-year-old Lou Holtz following Ohio State’s win over Notre Dame last Saturday.

Holtz said before the game that Ohio State, when it got beat, got beaten because other teams were more physical. As much as Ryan Day is clearly bothered about it (insecure much?) it’s true.

The Michigan Wolverines ran all over Ohio State in 2021 and 2022. Oregon also ran over Ohio State when it won in the Horseshoe in 2021, but I guess that doesn’t count as a bad half in the mind of Ryan Day.

Apparently, neither does betting owned 28-3 on your home field as the No. 2 team, which is what happened last November when Michigan football won 45-23 in Columbus. The Buckeyes also allowed 18 fourth-quarter points to Georgia in last year’s CFB Playoff.

Holtz didn’t back down from his comments and said Notre Dame was the better team. He also hit the nail on the head, saying that Day, ‘Doesn’t want to talk about Michigan’ in an interview he did with Dan Dakich.

The bottom line is that if getting stopped on multiple fourth downs, one after running a jet sweep, then barely getting a yard against 10 men makes you a world beater, then OK, Ryan Day.

Ohio State is a damn good team. No question about it. The Buckeyes are fully capable of beating Michigan football in Ann Arbor.

But his comments would have been like Jim Harbaugh saying Michigan football had a great defense during the Don Brown era. It was great at times, but not against Ohio State.

Ohio State has been tough at times. But it hasn’t been against some of the elite teams in college football and definitely not against the Michigan Wolverines.

And there is only one way for Ryan Day to change that narrative, which has nothing to do with Lou Holtz.

Michigan Wolverines get eight sacks in one week

We talked about the incredible performance of Rashan Gary last weekend, who had three sacks despite being on a ‘pitch count.’  Gary is coming off an ACL injury so he’s not starting or playing full-time for the Packers.

But that didn’t stop the former Michigan football standout from recording three sacks. He also got emotional after with his teammates and it’s so great to see him turning into a mega star.

However, Gary isn’t alone. Aidan Hutchinson is becoming one too. We also touched on his stellar week and the two Michigan football pass rushers will square off on Thursday night.

Yet, Daxton Hill also had a sack on Monday Night Football. Kwity Paye had a sack over the weekend, as did Mike Danna of the Chiefs to give the Michigan Wolverines eight for the weekend. 

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The Michigan Wolverines also have three alums among the top leaders in pressures. Hutch leads the league with 19; Gary and Uche each have 13, although Gary leads the NFL in pressures per snap according to Pro Football Focus.