Michigan football: Latest on Kentucky efforts to flip 4-stars in 2024

Michigan end zone pylon during of U-M's 30-3 win on Saturday, Sept. 2, 2023, at Michigan Stadium.
Michigan end zone pylon during of U-M's 30-3 win on Saturday, Sept. 2, 2023, at Michigan Stadium. /

Michigan football fans should be worried about Kentucky flipping Jacob and Jerod Smith, especially after they visited the Wildcats this weekend. 

It’s not a big secret that two of Michigan football’s four-star commitments in the 2024 class — Jacob and Jerod Smith — are flip targets of the Kentucky Wildcats.

Kentucky has been working on flipping the twins who have been committed to Michigan football since this past summer. Jerod Smith, a four-star defensive lineman, was the first to pledge to back in April.

Jacob Smith committed to Michigan football back in July. However, it was interesting that the two didn’t commit at the same time since it was assumed they would be playing together.

Since the commitment of Jacob, things have gotten a little dicey and the twins have visited Kentucky three times, including this past weekend. Both twins are playing their senior season of high school ball in the Bluegrass state too.

It did feel like Michigan football had stemmed the tide of the Wildcats in these recruitments, but here’s the latest from EJ Holland of The Wolverine:

"“My takeaway is that the Kentucky threat isn’t gone. There is a reason they visited Kentucky three times over the last three months. I know they’ve had positive conversations with Michigan. I know they’ve told Michigan — or at least indicated to Michigan — that they are happy with their pledge. But I think Kentucky can offer two things. One is NIL…. Two, more importantly and going past NIL because I don’t think Kentucky is an NIL heavy hitter, is the Smith twins are very close and family-oriented. Moving back home has given Kentucky the inside track to keep them at home.”"

Kentucky has ‘inside track’ with Smith twins

The Wildcats having the inside track isn’t what Michigan football fans want to hear. But Kentucky probably does have the advantage right now.

If Michigan was able to get the brothers back on campus for a game, I’d feel much better about the situation. Outside of something like that, it’s hard to see the Wolverines holding these commitments, although I wouldn’t doubt Mike Elston.

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Michigan football hasn’t really expanded the board at EDGE or D-line yet, so there’s still confidence on the U-M side of things but the crystal balls are favoring Kentucky and we’ll see if the flip actually happens in the next few months.