Can Michigan Football Become More Competitive in the Recruiting?

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Success on the Field

This one is obvious, but Michigan football HAS to keep winning, and it’s not crazy to say the Wolverines HAVE to make it to the national championship this season to keep recruiting afloat. Despite making the playoff in back-to-back seasons, Michigan is still struggling on the trail.

A national championship appearance – or better yet, a win – would show the world that the Wolverines can win on the biggest stage. Like I’ve said before, the 2025 class is all about Bryce Underwood. If they can land him, it’ll be a top-five class in the country. I think if the Wolverines make it to the national championship, Underwood is theirs.

If Michigan football has unforeseen struggles in 2023 and misses the playoff, recruiting could suffer even more. It’s so important that Michigan continues to dominate on the field because results are one thing you can’t change with money. If Michigan is going to continue to take the ‘high road’ on NIL, they need to have twice as much success as NIL schools.

From a recruiting perspective, the 2023 season is the most important season since 1997 arguably. Michigan football needs to have an amazing season in order to remain a championship contender. If the Wolverines struggle, it could be a while until we see another championship-caliber squad.

Some of the pressure could be taken off of the season if…