Where Michigan Football stands with 5-Star QB Bryce Underwood

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Michigan football
Belleville quarterback Bryce Underwood (19) shakes hands with Detroit Cass Tech players after the overtime win at Novi High School on Friday, Nov. 18, 2022. /

What are Michigan’s chances?

Right now, I think Michigan football is the leader for Underwood. While the South is obviously very appealing for Underwood, I think the Wolverines would beat out the Tigers for his services. The Wolverines just have a slew of advantages that LSU doesn’t have in this recruitment.

First things first, proximity. Ann Arbor is about 20 minutes away from Belleville, compared to across the country for Louisiana. Recruits want their friends and family to be able to see them play, and being in Ann Arbor would be the best case in that regard. Underwood’s family can also visit the campus whenever they want, versus the hassle it would be to visit Baton Rouge.

Michigan football should be able to win the family over, which is a big step towards winning the recruitment. NIL should also be relatively negligible as I touched on earlier. Yes, LSU will almost certainly offer Underwood a multi-million dollar deal. But Underwood would easily make millions in Ann Arbor, and the staff is going to convey that to him.

Kirk Campbell has also done a tremendous job of putting the Wolverines in the driver’s seat in this recruitment. Under Matt Weiss, Michigan was not a true contender for Underwood. There was even talk that Michigan was an afterthought.

Now under Campbell, Michigan football is the frontrunner. He’s made Underwood his priority and speaks to him every week. Their connection is a big boost for Michigan, and it’s possibly the biggest reason that the Wolverines lead.