6 bold predictions for Michigan Football in 2023

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J.J. McCarthy will be a Heisman finalist

Blake Corum is going to have a spectacular senior season. I wouldn’t be surprised at all if he averaged over six yards per carry in 2023.

However, it does seem like there will be a real effort to split the carries more and Corum should want that too. He’s got an NFL future to consider and doesn’t need to have zero treads on the tires once he enters the draft.

Plus, as we have said over and over, Michigan football needs him in November and December, more than it does in September and October.

McCarthy is underrated by plenty of fans. The analysts and NFL draft scouts know how talented he is. Plus, he completed 64 percent of his passes and had 27 total touchdowns compared to five interceptions.

The lack of receiver talent is overblown. Colston Loveland is going to be a force at tight end, plus both Tyler Morris and Darrius Clemons will have breakout seasons in addition to the returning veterans Roman Wilson and Cornelius Johnson.

I’m not saying McCarthy will win the Heisman. His numbers probably won’t be gaudy enough, but his stats will be good enough and he’ll be great against Ohio State in another win.

It will be the opposite of C.J. Stroud. Instead of Michigan costing him two Heisman Trophies, McCarthy will use “The Game” to propel himself to the Heisman ceremony.