Michigan Football: Jim Harbaugh was right to praise Cade McNamara

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Cade McNamara now plays for Iowa, but his impact on Michigan football shouldn’t be forgotten and it hasn’t been by Jim Harbaugh. 

While many people were wondering what Michigan football head coach Jim Harbaugh would say about the NCAA allegations at Big Ten Media Days, he covered several other topics.

One thing I love about Harbaugh is that despite what some have said about him, including the NCAA — he’s pretty honest. Sometimes to a fault.

Harbaugh opened up on most subjects but I was really happy to hear him talk about Cade McNamara. Harbaugh was asked about the former Michigan football starting quarterback by a reporter from the Des Moines Register.

The question was about the impact McNamara had on J.J. McCarthy. Harbaugh talked about Cade coming off the bench to rally Michigan football from 17 points down to beat Rutgers.

Cade was a huge part of ending the streak against Ohio State and winning the program’s first Big Ten championship in two decades. Even though there might be some hard feelings about how Cade McNamara left, it doesn’t change what he meant.

Here’s what the Michigan football head coach said about his former starting quarterback via The Wolverine: 

"“We go back a long way. And there’s somebody that went into a game in 2020, we were down 17 points and just started bringing us back right from the minute he went in the game. Got a big hit right before halftime and then you saw, saw the gravel in the gut that he had and brought our team back for an overtime win. And then took off from there,” Harbaugh said. “Beat Ohio State, won the Big Ten championship. He’s one of those great Michigan men. Now he’s a Hawkeye, but the love doesn’t change.”"

McNamara is starting for Iowa now and who knows, Michigan football could meet the Hawkeyes for the Big Ten title.

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That would be interesting but outside of that, I hope Cade has an outstanding season. He deserves it and what he did for Michigan football won’t soon be forgotten.