Who should be Michigan football’s interim head coach?

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Michigan football is going to need an interim head coach if Jim Harbaugh is suspended and we look at the most likely candidates. 

It’s still hard to believe that Michigan football head coach Jim Harbaugh could be facing a four-game suspension because he said he couldn’t remember buying some committed recruits hamburgers.

But that’s where we are. Michigan could fight this and it seemed like the school was going to. The NCAA says that Harbaugh was dishonest with investigators and he’s never admitted to that. I also doubt that he ever will.

So the NCAA wants to look tough. Michigan could fight it, but that could take a long time and put a cloud over any accomplishment for this season, so I can understand them not wanting to risk that.

It’s still a hard pill to swallow.

What makes it even more difficult is the fact that Sherrone Moore and Grant Newsome are also facing one-game suspensions. That seems way too harsh, as does the four-game penalty.

One game for Harbaugh seems about right. The rest should get warnings. But the NCAA has never been confused with an organization that makes rational decisions.

At any rate, Michigan football has to look forward at some point. It will be really interesting to hear what Jim Harbaugh says on the topic Thursday at Big Ten Media Days.

I’m sure he’s not pleased that the NCAA chose to leak this story, especially days before he’s supposed to take the podium. Regardless, Michigan football will need an interim head coach unless there is a dramatic change of course.

So who will that be?

Who will be the interim head coach for Michigan football?

Sherrone Moore would have been the easy choice if he wasn’t suspended for the first game (reportedly). But it’s hard to see him being the interim coach for the last three games.

Ideally, it would be great if neither coordinator had to step up and handle the head-coaching duties. Both of those jobs are important enough without the added duties of head coach.

That’s why I think there are two viable options: Mike Hart and Jay Harbaugh.

Both make sense even if Moore was available because taking him away from the play-calling might not be the best idea. Keep things the same with Jesse Minter and Moore.

Let someone like Hart or Harbaugh coach the team. Hart is the bigger name. He coaches running backs and is the run-game coordinator. But Jay is the special teams coach and I think he actually makes the most sense.

Obviously, Jay is going to understand what his dad wants and I think he’s one of the best assistant coaches in college football — plus he’s coached defensive backs, running backs, special teams — you name it.

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I don’t think Michigan football can go wrong either way. My prediction is Hart but I wouldn’t be surprised at all if Jay Harbaugh got the nod.