Michigan Football: 3 bold predictions for J.J. McCarthy in 2023

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McCarthy goes 3-0 against Ohio State

It’s wild to me that Ohio State fans are still taking shots at McCarthy and saying he’s average, even though he was rated higher than Kyle McCord their projected starter who couldn’t even stand out in the spring game for OSU.

McCord will put up good numbers and as long as he isn’t afraid of the cold like C.J. Stroud, he’ll probably be an upgrade in terms of “The Game.”

Stroud was too mentally weak to stand up to the pressure of that game, which is why he folded like a cheap tent as did the entire Ohio State program.

The Buckeyes still haven’t recovered from the snowy ambush of 2021. They won’t have an answer for Blake Corum or Donovan Edwards, or McCarthy for that matter.

I’d love to see the Buckeyes dare McCarthy to beat them again in November because the result will be the same as it was in 2022 and 2021 for that matter.

McCarthy made the best throw of any quarterback in the 2021 game (to Roman Wilson) and made big play after big play last year. This time, starting in the Big House, McCarthy will push his Michigan football record against Ohio State to 3-0.

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Oh, and he’ll be a 2024 first-round pick too.