Michigan Football: 3 bold predictions for J.J. McCarthy in 2023

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First-Team All-Big Ten

This isn’t really a bold prediction in my opinion. But I believe that McCarthy is going to be a first-team All-Big Ten this season.

There are some quality quarterbacks in the conference this season. However, McCarthy if McCarthy throws for over 3,000 yards and accounts for more than 30 total touchdowns, which seem reasonable benchmarks — he’ll take home all-league honors.

Ohio State fans want to act like McCarthy is just average, but they must be forgetting the three 45-yard plus touchdown passes and a fourth on the ground in the 45-23 win in Columbus.

C.J. Stroud threw for more yards but anyone saying he was better in “The Game” has lost touch with reality.

Stroud put up empty stats throughout his career. He threw for over 800 in two games against Michigan but when it really mattered — on key third/fourth downs and in the red zone — Stroud’s face could have been on a Milk Carton because he couldn’t be found. McCarthy was the better quarterback that day and he’ll be the best in the Big Ten in 2023.

McCarthy didn’t put up meaningless stats. He didn’t get enough opportunities to throw the ball and while he threw two picks against TCU, if McCarthy plays a full season like he didn’t against Ohio State, Purdue, and TCU last year, he’ll be First-Team All-Big Ten.