Michigan Football: Why Roman Wilson is Set for a HUGE Year

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Michigan football may have its best Wide Receiver in years in Roman Wilson. 

What has Michigan football‘s offense been lacking under Jim Harbaugh? A dynamic passing game.

Harbaugh hasn’t had one at Michigan. Arguments can be made for last season, but J.J. McCarthy and the receivers were far too inconsistent. Arguments can be made for 2016 with Darboh, Chesson, and Jake Butt, but Wilton Speight just wasn’t amazing.

A potent passing game is key to taking down the big hitters in the SEC. We’ve seen it with Clemson in the past, and we nearly saw it with Ohio State last season. Dynamic passing can hide other disadvantages.

In 2023, Michigan football has that opportunity. We know that the Wolverines have an elite quarterback in J.J. McCarthy and that they have at least one great pass catcher in Colston Loveland.  What we don’t know, however, is if the Wolverines will have an elite wide receiver. Enter Roman Wilson.

Roman Wilson started the year looking great. Through three games he had six catches for 171 yards and two touchdowns, along with a rush for a 21-yard touchdown. After that, however, Wilson battled injuries and couldn’t find his groove.

That is until he had his best career game on the biggest stage. Against TCU, Roman Wilson had five catches for 104 yards and a touchdown (two if we’re being real). He also ran in an 18-yard touchdown that brought Michigan football within one possession. And that’s what I love so much about Roman Wilson.

He’s a legitimate X-Factor. When the rest of the team is struggling, Wilson can make game-changing and game-winning plays. We’ve seen it his entire career.

He had the dagger touchdown against Maryland last year. He had a phenomenal 50-50 catch against Wisconsin when momentum was shifting away from Michigan in 2021. He had the first two touchdowns against Penn State in 2021 when the offense couldn’t score (with a cast on his hand!). He is a legitimate difference-maker.

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Wilson’s Improvement Heading into the 2023 Season

In 2023, Roman Wilson appears determined to become a full-time superstar. Wilson was quoted as saying “It’s now or never. This really has to be our year“, and all indications are that he’s putting matters into his own hands.

Wilson has added muscle since the end of last season while keeping his speed, which will allow him to be more physical and therefore create more separation. That’s something he’s been criticized for. He’s been working nonstop, and it’s hard to imagine anyone else leading the team in receiving in 2023.

For Michigan football to win a national championship, Roman Wilson has to emerge as an elite receiver. And I think he will. He has elite speed and can get by anybody. He has the it factor and wants the ball during the biggest moments.

His connection with JJ will only be better after having a full year of work with him. Throw in the extra physicality that Wilson is expected to bring to the table this season, and things look pretty good.

Michigan is a wide receiver away from winning the National Championship. And I think Roman Wilson has the potential to be that guy. He knows it, his teammates know it, and the coaches know it. Look for him to start the year off with a bang to let the whole nation know it.

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As Wilson said, this has to be the year, it’s now or never. I’ll be watching Roman Wilson very closely, and you should too. Go Blue!