3 reasons Michigan Football defense will be much better in 2023

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A more experienced coaching staff

While last year wasn’t Jesse Minter’s first rodeo as a defensive coordinator, it was his first time coordinating at the highest level. Minter, and the entire staff as a whole, did a great job the entire season, but it was clear at some points that a lack of experience harmed the staff.

I’m going to go back to the TCU game for a moment. Down three in the fourth quarter, Jesse Minter had forced a third and long. The Michigan football fans were finally back into the game and it was a pivotal moment. Minter sent a huge blitz, and the defense was susceptible to the big play. It was killer.

That was a mistake that I don’t see happening again. We always talk about the players using a loss as fuel to get better, but coaches do that too. I have no doubts that every coach on the defensive side of the ball has dissected the film and thought about ways they can improve as coaches. And that’s so valuable to any team.

Michigan is going to have arguably the most experienced players and coaches in the nation this season. And that experience will likely be extremely valuable by the end of the season.