Michigan Football Recruiting: Wolverines pursuing more elite targets

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The Wolverines are red hot on the recruiting trail, and recruits are taking notice

I wasn’t sure I’d ever say this, but Michigan football currently holds the number one recruiting class in the country, per 247 Sports. Now, I don’t expect the Wolverines to end the season at one, but holding that ranking at the midway point of the recruiting season is a great sign.

After a frustrating 2023 class, the staff is showing that it is more than capable of recruiting elite talent. The Wolverines already have 10 four stars and a five star — they had 11 four stars and zero five stars in 2023. And we’re only about halfway done with the class.

Another notable statistic is that Michigan football has 14 commits, which is the most in the nation. This is great for the Wolverines. With many of their top prospects already committed, the staff is able to devote more resources to other recruits – recruits that they may not have had a shot with had other guys not committed already.

We’re seeing the staff begin to devote significant resources to recruits who weren’t necessarily in the picture a short time ago, and they’re truly making positive impacts. Many have assumed that the Wolverines were done, or nearly done,  snagging the top 100 kids. That does not appear to be the case, as the staff has inserted itself into a handful of recruitments.

Before we dive in, I’d just like to point out how tight-knit this class is. The 2024 commits have been very vocal and have helped a ton on the recruiting trail. It seems like just about everybody is very firmly committed, which is extremely helpful. The staff doesn’t really have to devote tons of resources to making sure these kids stay committed. You love to see that in an elite class like this one.

Now, let’s look at some elite recruits that Michigan football has been turning up the heat on.

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