6 thoughts ahead of 2023 Michigan Football spring game

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The second-year leaps

The second-year leap is a real thing and we are going to see it for some Michigan football players this spring. Kenneth Grant was the No. 1 overall pick in the draft for the spring game, which tells you something about his development.

I know that every Michigan football fan is going to have eyes on Amorion Walker after all the buzz he has generated with his play at cornerback this spring. I also want to see how guys like Mason Graham, Derrick Moore, Keon Sabb, Zeke Berry, Tyler Morris, and Darius Clemons look.

All of those guys could and should be major contributors for Michigan this season. Berry and Sabb probably have the toughest road to regular snaps since the safety room is really deep and talented right now, but the 2022 recruiting class was special and I think we’ll see more of that this spring.

Myles Pollard is another name to know at corner and he’s a guy that doesn’t get talked about much in the secondary. Kody Jones is another, as well as Damani Dent. On offense, there is also C.J. Stokes and Colston Loveland.

There is a ton of second-year talent on this Michigan football team and I’m excited to see where those guys are at after spring ball.