Michigan Basketball: Reacting to Jett Howard’s NBA draft decision

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Michigan basketball won’t have the services of Jett Howard next season as the talented freshman entered the NBA draft on Thursday. 

It shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone that Michigan basketball freshman Jett Howard is taking his talents to the NBA.

Fans always tend to be critical of these decisions, but it was clear from early in the season that the NBA scouts were high on Jett Howard and this decision is probably the best one for him.

Howard got the opportunity to play for his dad and alongside his brother with the Wolverines, even if the 2022-23 season didn’t go the way anyone expected.

Armed with Howard, All-American Hunter Dickinson, and Kobe Bufkin, who has also started to get a significant first-round buzz, you’d think Michigan basketball would have been able to make the NCAA tournament.

However, the Wovlerines struggled to close out tight games and their youth probably played a role in that as Michigan started two freshmen and a player in Bufkin who is the youngest on the team despite being a sophomore.

Reacting to Jett Howard’s draft decision

I have no ill will towards Jett. If he’s being talked about as a lottery pick, he should go and the injuries certainly didn’t do him any favors this season.

His shotmaking ability, especially from beyond the arc, as well as his mid-range game, make him attractive to the NBA, but he’s going to need some development.

Focus was an issue at times, as there were a number of mental errors defensively, as well as missed block outs and things of that nature.

Those are small things and things he can improve upon over time. But those were some of the warts attached to his game, as well as the fact that he didn’t create enough shots for others and wasn’t an effective rebounder, despite being 6-foot-6.

Yet, his shooting is lights out and he’s going to have a long professional career because of it. He’s got the potential to be an All-Star in my opinion if he can refine some of those other areas, but I have no doubt that he will be a first-round pick.

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I’m bummed we won’t see more of Howard playing for Michigan basketball. It was fun while it lasted and I wish him the best of luck. Go Blue!