3 things we learned from Michigan Basketball loss to Wisconsin

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Focus is an issue

It seems like Hunter Dickinson is more worried about being a WWE villain than a college basketball player. He wore the facemask going to the building because he said Michigan was going to “steal” a win against Wisconsin.

He then turned around and scored 12 points (and 12 rebounds) and at times, looked less than motivated on defense. Even with his team losing late in the game, he was drawing attention to himself.

I don’t have a problem with guys talking but when you talk and don’t back it up, you look silly. Dickinson played well by any standard but it wasn’t the kind of performance Michigan basketball needed to win that game on the road.

Jett Howard wore a shirt that “Free Juwan” and then turned around and shot 4-for-14. It’s just a strange energy for a team that’s woefully underachieved this season.

It’s not like Michigan came in on a roll and is competing for the Big Ten title as many expected. The Wolverines are going to be fortunate to earn an NIT bid at this point and Dickinson said this season was going to be different, it hasn’t been. The regular season struggle has been even worse and the hole is getting too deep to dig out.