3 things we learned from Michigan Basketball loss to Wisconsin

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Michigan basketball lost another game it easily could have won against Wisconsin and here are three things we learned about the Wolverines. 

It’s been one disappointment after another this season for Michigan basketball, with relatively few bright spots.

There was a three-game winning streak that brought back to life the Wolverines’ hopes of making the NCAA tournament, but that came crashing down after losses to Indiana and Wisconsin.

Michigan failed to score in the last five minutes against Indiana, in a one-point loss. Against Wisconsin, the Wolverines held the Badgers without a field goal for the last 10:45 and still couldn’t find a way to score enough points to win.

The 64-59 loss leaves Michigan basketball sitting at 14-12 overall, as well as 8-7 in the Big Ten conference. At this point, there isn’t really a path forward to the tournament, and here are three things we learned from Michigan’s loss.

Little things make all the difference

We have seen it over and over again this season but Michigan basketball lost because of a number of little things. Michigan missed four straight free throws in a one-possession game and then surrendered an offensive rebound with under a minute left.

Then, down by four points and 30 seconds, Michigan gave up its last chance with a careless turnover. the difference between winning and losing is very slim in the Big Ten and Michigan has never found a way to be good in those areas that win close games.

A veteran point guard would help but that’s not the only issue. It’s a team-wide problem and the inability to win close games has ruined the 2022-23 season.