3 keys and a prediction for Michigan Basketball vs Nebraska

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Keep Keisei Tominaga in check

Keisei Tominaga is one of the most underrated scorers in the Big Ten conference. Despite starting only six games, he makes 1.8 3-pointers per game and scores 11.1 points per game.

On Sunday, against Penn State, Tominaga went off for 30 points. He connected on five 3-pointers and was huge in the upset win for the Huskers.

The thing about Tominaga is that he isn’t a great defender. He’s likely going to have to guard Kobe Bufkin when he’s out there and Bufkin will surely be assigned to him.

Kobe has been spectacular recently and gets better seemingly by the game. This guy is going to play in the NBA. Hopefully, he goes in the 2024 draft but two-way combo guards, true combo guards, are pretty rare and that’s exactly what Bufkin is.

His defense will be tested by Tominaga who is a stellar shooter but also moves really well without the ball. He’s dangerous on cuts to the basket and shooting off of screens. Like Jett Howard, he doesn’t need much room and he’s got range.

The Huskers are going to need an outlier to win this game as a 11.5-point underdog (via Draft Kings) and Tominaga going off for 20-30 points is one that could do it.