Reacting to Michigan Football elevating Kirk Campbell to QB coach

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Michigan football has hired a new quarterbacks coach in Kirk Campbell who was elevated by head coach Jim Harbaugh on Friday after being an analyst. 

It didn’t take long for Michigan football to find a replacement for Matt Weiss and as it turned out, the preferred candidate was on staff all along.

Kirk Campbell is a name that Michigan football fans have gotten to know well in recent weeks. He joined the U-M staff two years ago as an analyst but has made a positive impression and was a coach that J.J. McCarthy and Davis Warren endorsed as their coach.

There were rumors of Harbaugh reaching out to Brian Griese of the 49ers or Tee Martin of the Ravens. Yet, Harbaugh denied any contact with those coaches. The reason is clear now as Michigan football had the coach it wanted all along in Campbell who was the offensive coordinator at Old Dominion before coming to Michigan.

The move was made official on Friday and here is what Jim Harbaugh said of his knew quarterbacks coach.

"“Kirk is a bright, young offensive mind that immediately meshed with our coaching staff last year,” said Harbaugh. “Our offensive staff was really impressed with his knowledge and expertise of the entire offense, and he was integral to the success of the offense with game planning and opponent scouting. Kirk does an outstanding job developing relationships and I know he will have an outstanding rapport with our quarterbacks.”"

Instant reactions to Kirk Campbell

Campbell isn’t the home run hire some Michigan football fans wanted but a home run isn’t a home run until your cross the plate.

The point being, big names are great but Campbell has been viewed as an up and comer and knows this system. He worked with Josh Gattis at Penn State and has already been a play caller.

His influence was felt last season as Michigan football averaged over 40 points a game. Another thing about Campbell, is that he should be a an upgrade on the recruiting trail. Weiss was a solid coach but a poor recruiter.

That just can’t happen. Every coach needs to be as good on the trail as on the field. Campbell has that chance and it was smart or Michigan football to keep him before he goes somewhere else.

Yet, it’s also clear that he’s just the QB coach. Sherrone Moore is the only offensive coordinator and that should be a positive thing moving forward.