Michigan Wolverines News: Andrel Anthony transfers, optimism on Jim Harbaugh and more

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In our latest Michigan Wolverines news roundup we talk about Michigan football head coach Jim Harbaugh, the transfer of Andrel Anthony, and more. 

The biggest news Wednesday regarding the Michigan Wolverines came out shortly after Michigan basketball beat Penn State as Andrel Anthony announced he was entering the transfer portal.

Anthony has played for Michigan football for the past two years after committing to the Wolverines as part of the 2021 recruiting class out of East Lansing.

Flipping his commitment was a big win for the Michigan football program and the optimism about his future went through the roof after he caught two touchdowns against Michigan State in 2021.

However, the breakout season that was supposed to come for Anthony didn’t in 2022 for whatever reason. There were some drops but he also didn’t get many opportunities.

Wearing the No. 1 shows just how much potential Anthony had because that number is normally for really great players in the Michigan football program.

Of all the transfers out, this one hurts the most because I do believe Anthony can be a really good wide receiver. I’ll be interested to see where he goes. I hope it’s not East Lansing, but wherever he ends up, I wish him nothing but the best.

It’s still a huge bummer for Michigan football, especially because he seemed to have a rapport with J.J. McCarthy and was in line for a bigger role next season.

The latest on Jim Harbaugh

Jim Harbaugh talked to a Charlotte news outlet and said, “I think I’ll be coaching Michigan next year.” Obviously, that’s not as bold as saying he would be enthusiastically coaching the Wolverines in 2023 as he said a few weeks ago, but it’s still a positive.

According to what Chris Balas wrote on The Wolverine message boards, things seem to be heading in a more positive direction. Sam Webb also reported that it seemed as though it was leaning more toward Harbaugh staying.

Only Jim Harbaugh knows. Warde Manuel and Michigan need to get a deal done with him and put all of this nonsense to bed once and for all. Make him an offer he can’t refuse and take some legitimate steps with NIL so the Wolverines can actually compete at the highest level.

Truth is, as we learned last year, you never know what will happen next. Harbaugh could be off the NFL or sign a new deal. Nothing would surprise me.

Huge win for hoops

Michigan basketball got another big win on Wednesday and that’s now two in a row for the Wolverines, who are suddenly 3-0 in the Big Ten. We’ll learn a lot about this team on Saturday in East Lansing.

That’s the kind of win Michigan needs to add to its resume, but the bounceback after the Central Michigan loss has been good to see. 

The most promising thing to me has been the emergence of Kobe Bufkin. He’s looked like an all-Big Ten caliber player in recent weeks and as much as he improved offensively, his defense has been stellar the past two games and it’s funny at one point, he was the question mark.

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Now, he’s easily Michigan basketball’s second-best player.