5 things we learned in Fiesta Bowl loss by Michigan Football

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3. The future is bright with J.J. McCarthy

McCarthy made a couple of huge errors and he’ll surely be thinking about those for a long time. Without those two interceptions returned for touchdowns, Michigan surely has a much better chance of advancing.

At the same time, Michigan football would have had no shot at a comeback without McCarthy who was dazzling in the loss. He threw two touchdowns (should have been three) and completed numerous deep balls. He actually had two long touchdown passes called back to the one-yard line.

Michigan scored the second time around. The fumble after it happened the first time is the other play that will stick with the Wolverines for a while.

McCarthy led Michigan to 39 points in the second half and had over 400 total yards. The fact that they had the ball with a shot to win after the second interception was incredible. I thought they were cooked.

I honestly thought they were cooked well before then. However, McCarthy made play after play, and going into next season, there is no one I’d rather have playing quarterback than J.J.