3 thoughts on George Washington III’s commitment to Michigan Basketball

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Shooting is Washington III’s best attribute

Washington’s ranking dropped for a reason. He was a top-50 prospect at one time and that’s because a true combo guard who can shoot the ball really well and also be a ball-screen creator is a guy that’s going to be ranked in the top 50.

That doesn’t mean Washington III can’t be a strong contributor. He can be. Shooters always have value and while he’s a little undersized for a two-guard, Eli Brooks found a way to make it work as a defender and we all know Camp Sanderson will help with physical development.

Michigan could add a point guard in 2023 and Isaiah Collier is still on the board. Washington does have some skills but the Wolverines also have Dug McDaniel as a freshman this season, as well as Christian Anderson coming in the 2024 class and he’s already a top-100 prospect.

So long-term, I feel pretty good about point guard, which is why I like taking a shooter, even if he doesn’t have true combo-guard ability.

As long as Washington III can shoot from 3-point range and be adequate on defense, he’ll see plenty of playing time. Maybe even a limited role next season.