3 overreactions from Michigan football’s win over MSU

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These are three of the most absurd overreactions from Michigan football’s rivalry victory over Michigan State in the Big house Saturday night.

Despite a 22-point win over the Spartans on Saturday night, the brawl that ensued afterward in the tunnel against Michigan football players will be what is remembered from this one.

It was a very sad sight to witness and I would imagine that Ja’Den McBurrows had something to do with it by instigating MSU players to act inappropriately, although Michigan State took it too far.

Here are the three overreactions to Michigan football’s win.

1. Michigan State should have been treated like a feeble opponent

This is an overreaction. You can throw out the records when these two meet because it is going to be an all-out bloodbath when they start popping pads. This is Michigan State’s Super bowl every year which means Michigan is going to get its best effort in East Lansing or in Ann Arbor. They came out swinging, but could not keep that pace following their brief lead of 7-3.

They are now 3-5 and on life support to even make a bowl game. They have to find a way to win three of their next four or else they will be home for the holidays. Regardless, Mel Tucker will have no excuse but to restructure his hefty contract that the school was so anxious to give him after a 10-win 2021 campaign.

It would have been satisfyingly much sweeter if Michigan football would have scored a few more times to add insult to injury, but that didn’t come to fruition. The emotions of this rivalry caught up to Sparty and they did something that they will have to pay for once the results are made public to all.