Michigan Football should have zero worry about wide receiver

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There was an interesting piece in the Bleacher Report about Michigan football needing a No. 1 wide receiver and I couldn’t disagree with that take more. 

A recent post on Michigan football by the Bleacher Report talks about the Wolverines needing a go-to wide receiver, yet that’s the farthest thing from the truth.

At least in my opinion.

The article mentions Ronnie Bell and Cornelius Johnson and those are both good names to know because they are strong candidates to lead Michigan football in receiving (I believe it will be Bell).

Another candidate to do that could be tight end Erick All, who looks like a day-two draft pick to me. Yet, another is sophomore Andrel Anthony, who had some stellar performances a year ago and with some more consistency, could become a threat like Braylon Edwards, Marquise Walker, or David Terrell used to be.

He’s got the size, the speed, and the playmaking ability to be special. Yet, he wasn’t mentioned and neither was Roman Wilson, who was pretty darn good in his own right last season.

Wilson, Anthony, Darrius Clemons, and Cornelius Johnson are all home-run threats (see Johnson’s catch against Ohio State, Wilson’s too) plus, with the times Bell is running (faster than before his injury) in athletic tests, there is no reason to think he won’t be back to his old self and he led the Wolverines in receiving in 2019 and 2020.

Bell would have done the same last season if he were healthy and his first game only featured a 70-some yard touchdown — a pass he caught one-handed by the way.

The point is valid but also not concerning

There is a valid point in the sense that Michigan might not have a guy it can throw to every time it needs a first down or touchdown (although Bell is money on third down). Yet, with so much talent spread around at the position, it doesn’t really matter.

Michigan has a bunch of proven guys (Bell, Wilson, Johnson, Sainristil) and a few that still haven’t proven a whole lot (Anthony, Clemons, Amorion Walker, Christian Dixon, and Tyler Morris) but have incredible potential.

Anthony has already shown he can produce on the biggest stage — his best game was against Michigan State and his second-best was arguably against Georgia. So I have zero reason to doubt his production and wouldn’t be shocked if he hit 1,000.

To me, he might have the best shot. Him or Bell.

Neither would shock me, but among the last things I would put on the list of things to worry about heading into the 2022 season for Michigan football, would be the wide receiver position, in any way, shape or form.

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That position is loaded. It’s as deep and talented as it has been in decades and with two All-Big Ten caliber quarterbacks competing to throw them the football, this pass offense could easily be the best Jim Harbaugh has had in Ann Arbor.