The all-time Michigan Basketball team

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Michigan basketball has a strong history and here’s a look at the all-time starting lineup, as well as the complete rotation made up of the best Wolverines ever. 

How about we take a break from the negativity of football for just a little bit and talk about basketball, huh?

Throughout Michigan basketball’s tremendous history, there have been countless amazing athletes that have walked through the door to suit up in the Maize and Blue.

We can go as far back as the 1960s to find dazzling athletes like Cassie Russell, and every decade since, Michigan basketball has had amazing players.

In today’s article, I will be breaking down my personal all-time Michigan basketball team. I will go through each position, and explain why I picked each player for that spot.

Also, this list will only include players from the 1989 title team to the present, as I wanted to keep this list at least relatively recent.

I mentioned guys like Cassie Russell, also a guy like Rudy Tomjanovich, etc, and although those guys will forever be all-time Michigan greats, the game has changed so much since they played at Michigan, with there being a 3-point line, just to name one thing, that it’s kind of hard to see if their game would translate as effectively as it did in the 60s and 70s to the late 80s (1989) and to the present day.

The goal is to be able to hypothetically put this list up against any other D-I college basketball team’s all-time starting five and bench (from 1989-present) and feel really good about winning the game.

So, any player that played at Michigan from 1989-now gets consideration, and I will list two units of players that were the best at their respective positions.

Also, this exercise is purely about their production in college. I don’t care about their success levels post-college, whether they were NBA greats or anything like that. This is about purely their college-level success.

Here we go…

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