Orange Bowl: Gameday has arrived for Michigan Football

Syndication: Detroit Free Press
Syndication: Detroit Free Press /

In less than 12 hours, Michigan football will be taking the field for possibly the final time of the season.

Obviously, I made my prediction in the roundtable article, and I won’t be going back on that, but we also have to be realistic, and this very well could be the final time we see this team play.
Knock on wood that it isn’t of course, but what this season should teach all of us is not everything happens when you or I want it to happen.

It has taken Jim Harbaugh seven seasons to make the playoff, as we all know and have heard a million times now, but, just last year, almost everybody wanted this man fired. The hot seat was 1,500 degrees Fahrenheit and climbing.

Now, we fast forward to this year, and this year has been a complete turnaround, a historical season, and it isn’t done quite yet.

Alabama and Georgia will always get the most attention. They are in the SEC, have proven that they can make the playoff before, so honestly, they should be given a little bit more attention.

Michigan has finally caught up to the other blue bloods of college football and, if they can stay consistent from here on out, and make the playoffs every few years, they will start to get this national attention back permanently.

No, recruiting doesn’t mean everything in the world of college football. No, having the best offense doesn’t mean everything in college football. No, starting the season unranked doesn’t mean everything in college football.

People can call this Michigan season a “paradox” of a “fluke” season, but what it means is there’s hope for more parity in college football, and not every single team has to have the absolute best everything to make the playoff.

Jim Harbaugh and Michigan football have defied the odds, as there will probably never be another season like the one Michigan has had in terms of not dominating in any one category but being extremely good in several.

Even with Aidan and David, Michigan is only 49th in the country with 33 sacks as a team. Still not elite overall numbers. So, no, Michigan isn’t really elite in any one category (except rushing).

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So, again, enjoy this Orange Bowl game Michigan fans. Don’t stress. No matter what happens. Just stay positive, enjoy the New Year, and as always, Go Blue! See you all in 2022!