Michigan Football: Complete Daxton Hill rumor timeline

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Please keep in mind that everything detailed in this article is all speculation/rumor-based timeline. There has yet to be an official release by anyone from the Michigan Staff on anything regarding Dax Hill.

Tuesday, December 28th a conversation sparked on Twitter that Dax Hill was not in Orlando and that he was going to miss the Orange Bowl. With a lot of confusion, misinformation, and uncertainty, this is a full timetable of the events that have occurred in the past few days.

Early Morning of December 28th

In the early hours of Tuesday, there were tweets sent out by various pages/fans that Dax Hill supposedly did not make the trip to Florida for the Orange Bowl. At first, there was no credibility to any of the claims but as the day went on, various pages started tweeting out they got confirmation on the Dax Hill rumors.

After lots of back and forth between fans and opposing fans, we finally got a tweet detailed by the Twitter @bluebyninety which is a reputable source, stating that they were told that a

"“Michigan was down a defensive starter due to Covid.”"

Based on the information that was presented as well as possibly more information than detained in the tweet, they speculated correctly that Dax Hill did not make the trip. Although the speculations were not confirmed by any officials from Michigan.