How Michigan Football beats Georgia in the Orange Bowl

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Michigan football and Georgia face off in the most anticipated playoff game in years. we look at how has the edge and how U-M can defeat the favored Dawgs.

Michigan football is set to play in this year’s Orange Bowl with a chance at rewriting program history and making it to the National Championship game. However, in the way of those dreams is a team who wants it just as bad as Michigan, the Georgia Bulldogs.

While the similarities are uncanny, the trajectory these two programs have been on as of late is nothing but similar. The common phrase “Don’t wake a sleeping dog” is applicable in this situation, as Alabama and company woke up the dogs of the south, and they’re out for blood now.

All season, we’ve heard how great a team Georgia had and how they were “going to run the table” all season and go down as potentially the greatest team ever assembled. “Georgia was going to get the Saban monkey off their back” and finally win a National Championship for the first time since 1980.

But we sit here a few days before the playoffs and questions are spiraling about Georgia. There are plenty of ways this game could go, but I am going to tell you the most likely outcome and what I foresee to happen on December 31st.

Chess not Checkers between Kirby and Harbaugh

Two coaches who are accomplished and amongst the best of the best in college football right now. Kirby and Harbaugh are near identical when it comes to just about every facet of the game. Both have a rival they have been historically bad against, they have the same offensive and defensive philosophy and lastly, both are great coaches.

While there are plenty more, the main one I’d like to highlight is their philosophies. I do not believe that Kirby or Harbaugh are going to differentiate from what got them to where they are. Meaning, I think Harbaugh is going to try and run the ball down Georgia’s throat and vice versa.

While this may not be effective it’s most likely going to happen. With both teams not having a Heisman Caliber QB but a very good rushing attack, I think that’s what they’ll both rely on. Whoever wins the trenches in this hypothetical will win the game though.

Luckily, Michigan has the best offensive line in the country and by a wide margin, so Haskins and Corum will have opportunities to make plays. Whether they do or don’t, giving them the chance to make plays will be an important step to winning this game for Michigan.

While that’s not a knock on Georgia’s defensive line, they do not exactly have a player that you need to double team on the line, a solid and elite defensive line that does get penetration is what you will get from Georgia. But they’ve not played an offensive line all year like Michigan’s, and generally, Georgia’s struggled against an offensive line with a pulse.