Michigan fans ranked among the best in college football

Syndication: Detroit Free Press
Syndication: Detroit Free Press /

In a recent ranking of the top college football fans for the 2021 season, Michigan football was ranked second overall. 

We all know that Michigan football has some of the best fans in the country. Sure, it was a little toxic on Twitter during the dark times, but no one supported their team more vigorously in 2021 than U-M fans.

And in a recent ranking of the best college football fanbases in 2021, which was done by our sister site here at FanSided, Saturday Blitz, Michigan football earned the No. 2 ranking among all college football fans.

The ranking was determined by a number of factors such as attendance, loyalty, passion, and social media following, among other things.

The Big House is known for its massive capacity and Michigan football once again led all of college football in attendance in 2021. The Wolverines were also one of the most-watched teams in the sport with three of the top five games featuring Michigan.

Michigan football had a strong case for No. 1

The Wolverines were one of five teams that had 100 percent attendance in the 2021 season and as Michigan fans and Ohio State can attest to, the Big House was different this season.

Michigan football was perfect at home in 2021 as it won 12 games and the Big Ten title. But the atmosphere felt different in the very first night game against Washington.

It was a “Maize Out” which isn’t something Michigan has done before and it was incredibly successful. But truly all season long, the fans brought it and it was great to see.

Alabama earned the top billing in the rankings put out by Saturday Blitz and a big reason for that was the Tide’s incredible social media following.

Not only does Bama rank top 10 in attendance but it’s the only program to have over a million followers on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

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Still, finishing second is nothing to be ashamed of. My hope is that there is a different result when the College Football Playoff comes around.