3 items on Michigan Football’s Christmas wishlist

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3. Win the national championship

If you had said prior to the season that Michigan football could win the national championship, people would have assumed you were crazy.

Even the most enthusiastic Michigan football fans weren’t expecting 10 wins this season, let alone a Big Ten championship run 17 years in the making.

But Harbaugh and the players said they knew this team was different on the first day of spring ball. It certainly helps when you have all-time great leaders such as Aidan Hutchinson, Josh Ross, Cade McNamara, and of course, Jim Harbaugh, as well as Mike Hart and all the assistants.

For this season’s effort, there are too many names to give credit, but many, many people contributed to this championship run and the return of Michigan to greatness.

But what happens if the Wolverines beat Georgia? They are more than capable of doing it. Alabama and Georiga are the favorites to win it all and they should be. We’ve seen the playoff go the way of the SEC too many times not to assume that they are the favorites.

Yet, with elite NFL talent on both sides of the ball and a team that truly believes it can win it all, Michigan has all it needs to win a national championship.

That’s not a pie-in-the-sky dream at all. It will take two exceptional football games. But the Wolverines have been exceptional all year.

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Last year, our Christmas wish ultimately came true and who knows, maybe it will happen again.