5 Bold Predictions for Michigan Football: Orange Bowl edition

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Aidan Hutchinson gets at least two sacks

Ok, is this cheating? I feel like it kind of is but kind of isn’t. Anyways, we all know what the deal is. Aidan Hutchinson has been on a rampage all season long, constantly in the backfield, hungry to get to the opposing team’s quarterback.

Aidan has shown up when the lights have been the absolute brightest, having three sacks against Ohio State and adding another one in the Big Ten championship game.

The man’s trophy case this year has to be overflowing with awards and recognitions that he has received post-regular season. It seems like every other day, he is in contention for an award or receiving another award.

Nobody truly knows how good Aidan is until they face him. We’ve been hearing all season long about how these offensive linemen think they can handle Aidan.

Well, guess what? It really hasn’t happened yet. To be honest, the “handling” has more to do with mobile QBs than it is the tackle staying in front of Aidan. This is the biggest game of Aidan’s life, like three times over now.

He’s pretty much a shoo-in to show up and ball out. Again, even if he doesn’t get sacks anyways, he affects so much more on the box score than sacks.

So take all of that into consideration. Oh yeah, also can’t forget about the man on the other side of him (David Ojabo). If Aidan can’t quite get to the QB, David Ojabo will be licking his chops, waiting for the scraps.