Michigan Basketball: 3 things we learned in loss to Minnesota

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2. Brandon Johns continues to underperform

In the tournament last year we saw a Brandon Johns Jr. that was a force to be reckoned with. He was playing with his heart on his sleeve and kicking butt. However, the John Beilein project seemed to not transform over well with Juwan Howard as Johns is back to underperforming.

For as raw of a talent and as dominant as Brandon Johns can be, he just seems to be scared at times and just not confident in himself. He’ll pass up wide-open 3-pointers or open lanes and defer to a kick-out pass.

While I think Brandon Johns Jr can be a fantastic player for the Wolverines, the main question is will be able to see it? Personally, I do not think so, but for the sake of Johns, I really do hope so because he’s a fantastic guy.