Georgia fans borrow trick from Michigan football rival

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It’s an obsession like no other. While Michigan football plays one game against Ohio State every year at the end of the season, the games don’t stop for anybody on Ohio State’s campus regarding Michigan.

Even when Michigan isn’t playing Ohio State in football, the Buckeye students have a tradition in Columbus they cross out every “M” they see on campus for Michigan.

The same thing goes for the OSU players and the coaches. In the lockers rooms and on the field, every single “M” is crossed out. Ohio State goes through a “Michigan” drill every single day in practice in the lead up to “The Game.”

Lastly, Ohio State has a running clock that counts down the days leading up to “The Game” every single day for every single year, and they refer to the Michigan Wolverines as TTUN, or “The Team Up North.”

It’s a tradition like no other, and also an obsession with a rival that is unmatched anywhere else across the college football landscape.

Some people might say it goes overboard (like every Michigan football fan out there), but even though it’s obnoxious, it is still cool to see a school use so much time and effort against Michigan.

It’s too bad that NFL doesn’t do things like this because the NFL would be even more popular and fun if fans became obsessed like they are at the collegiate level.

Well, why am I mentioning all of this in the first place?

Georgia fans are starting to cross out the letter M

Well, what happens when a team that Michigan faces in the CFP just came off a devastating blowout loss and needs motivation to play the Wolverines?

Well, they turn to an old foe of Michigan’s and asks to borrow one of their famous obsesssions, the crossing off of all the “M’s” around their campus.

Yes, Georgia has taken a play out of Ohio State’s book and is trying to turn into that obsessive OSU fan base to rile up their football team and beat Michigan.

“The enemy of my enemy is my friend” is Georgia’s reasoning for copying OSU. And of course, because OSU hates Michigan and probably wants them to lose in the CFP, they let Georgia do it.

When I first saw this, I couldn’t even believe my eyes. I had to do a double-take because this has to be one the dumbest, but funniest things I’ve ever seen.

Since when does Georgia have to get so desperate that they need to ask a team in the North for help?

I understand though. Georgia hasn’t won a title since 1980 (the Miracle on Ice year in 1980 for context), and the fans are desperate at this point.

Michigan fans can attest to a similar feeling in regards to wanting to beat OSU. It’s a cute little thing to get their players riled up and motivated, but we’ll see how much impact it has on the quality of play on the field.

Michigan football faithful, what do you think of this news? Also, Georgia fans, what do you think of this new motivation tactic?

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