Michigan Football’s Blake Corum is right for calling out OSU

Michigan Wolverines running back Blake Corum runs for a first down against the Ohio State Buckeyes on Saturday, Nov. 27, 2021, Michigan Stadium.Michigan Ohio
Michigan Wolverines running back Blake Corum runs for a first down against the Ohio State Buckeyes on Saturday, Nov. 27, 2021, Michigan Stadium.Michigan Ohio /

Hmm, I don’t know if too many Wolverines (and Buckeyes fans) know that there was a rivalry game played on November 27th, 2021.

It was a rivalry game in which a very long streak was broken, with one team looking completely dominant, and the other looking helpless.

That’s exactly what happened to Ohio State on that snowy day on November 27th, 2021. Michigan football fans, media members, talking heads, and former alumni saw the domination of their biggest rival.

Michigan completely and utterly dominated Ohio State from start to finish in a 42-27 victory that wasn’t even as close as the score indicates.

Michigan football dominated a former top-2 overall team in the country in a game where Ohio State looked like the favorite to go to the Big Ten Championship and CFP prior to “The Game.”

Except, that’s not exactly how Ohio State players saw it…

On Wednesday, C.J. Stroud met with the media to discuss being selected as a Heisman trophy finalist, and when Stroud said he wasn’t trying to make excuses for losing the the Wolverines, he instead made it worse by blaming the loss on the flu, and still thinks that Ohio State is the better team.

The hypocrisy of Ohio State’s excuse

Listen, Stroud is a fine player. This is only his first season starting at QB for Ohio State.

Despite getting absolutely terrorized by Aidan Hutchinson and Michigan’s d-line throughout the rivalry game, he still made plays and finished with really respectable passing numbers (although a lot of that is due to his receivers being awesome).

I’m not here to sing sunshine and rainbows on Stroud or OSU today though. I’m here to tell you that the entire OSU football program, from its athletes to its fan base, are hypocrites.

Remember last season when Michigan went 2-4 in a COVID-shortened year and OSU went 7-1 overall, and undefeated in conference play?

Remember when Michigan football, unfortunately, couldn’t play Ohio State last season because half of their roster was ravaged by COVID?

Remember when Kirk Herbstreit started a firestorm on Twitter, saying all that nonsense about Michigan ducking OSU because they didn’t want to get blown out?

Oh yeah, then he had to apologize (much to the displeasure of every OSU fan out there at that time) because what he said was completely untrue, and just an opinion that was based purely on the emotions of not getting to see his alma mater take on (and probably destroy) Michigan.

Yep, you probably know where I’m going with this.

As I mentioned earlier, Ohio State and its fanbase are hypocrites. You can’t call out Michigan for not being able to play a football game due to sickness ravaging the program, saying its an excuse, and then the following year, say the exact same thing.

The difference between Michigan’s situation and Ohio State’s situation though is that Michigan didn’t even have enough players to play against OSU. In certain position groups, the team was ravaged so much by COVID that they wouldn’t be able to play that position group at all, so therefore, no contest.

Ohio State was still able to play Michigan though, albeit with 20+ players unavailable. They didn’t have a situation though where entire position groups were sick. So none of these OSU fans can say anything about that. If they try, they are just grasping at straws at this point.

Of course, none of this is surprising anyways. Ohio State will never admit to when they are actually beat. Especially when you lose to your biggest rival in the biggest game of the season for the first time in 10 years. That definitely leaves a little extra sting and disbelief.

They will always make some excuse as to why they get beat instead of owning up to the loss. Hey, coming from a fanbase that’s been starved for a win over OSU, it sucks to lose to a rival. We all know the feeling, but you have to own it and wear it OSU. At least for a year. Suck it up.

When Michigan football players lost all of those times in a row, they owned up to the loss. They didn’t mince words. They knew that they lost, expressed their disappointment and frustration, and moved on to the next game.

Ohio State fans have all the excuses for why they lost this game. The snow, players being unavailable, being away at the Big House, OSU’s running game not being effective, the defense being unable to stop Michigan’s run game, etc. I truly believe that even if one or two of those things that gone in OSU’s favor, I’d still take Michigan to win this year.

Stroud should’ve just kept his mouth shut about that. As LeBron once said, “some things that’s known don’t need to be said.” If Stroud felt the way he did, then he didn’t need to say it aloud.

He could’ve just kept it to himself, and moved on with his day. Maybe that’s just immaturity on Stroud’s part, I don’t know. I didn’t hear one excuse out of Garrett Wilson or Chris Olave though. They owned up to their loss. That shows perception and maturity. It shows humbleness. Not living in a fantasy world, where you can do no wrong.

More OSU fans are gonna pop in the comments section making more excuses, or taking shots at the writer of this article, but hey, the final scoreboard says what it says. Can’t deny that. Keep making excuses and/or getting mad. It really doesn’t matter. Oh yeah, also, Blake Corum is totally right.

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