Michigan Basketball: 3 things we learned in win vs Nebraska

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2. Turnovers continue to be an issue but improving

While we’ve discussed turnovers in great length plenty of times with Michigan Basketball, I think we’re finally starting to see improvement. Yes, the turnovers were still in double digits and we’ve yet to hit less than double-digit turnovers in a game but we saw true improvement.

When I watched this game, there were stupid turnovers that counted against Michigan but were more unfortunate breaks than true turnovers. We saw no turnovers in transition like we’ve seen almost every game and we saw more careful ball control moving down court.

That being said, Nebraska is not the defensive juggernaut that Michigan will be facing eventually, but the Huskers got a solid defensive unit and Michigan basketball really took advantage of them all throughout the game.

Michigan plays a very good Minnesota team next and if Michigan continues to turn the ball over in double digits, U-M will not win that basketball game. With all that said, it’s at least nice to see improvement rather than regression when it comes to the turnover debacle.