Michigan Football: 5 key plays that led to victory over Iowa

Syndication: Detroit Free Press
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Syndication: Detroit Free Press
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2. Donovan Edwards hits Roman Wilson in stride! (5:37 1Q)

As I previously stated the stadium erupted on the last play, well this play blew the roof 100 feet in the air and solidified who was going to win this game early believe it or not. A once energetic and engaging Iowa fanbase was now dwindled to sitting slumped in their chairs watching what was the dismantling of Phil Parker’s defense.

Jim Harbaugh later stated on the trick play:

"“We knew first of all Donovan Edwards, we had that play,”"

Harbaugh also adding,

"“He’s never missed on that throw. Sometimes he throws it off his left, his right foot. He’s always on the move running when he throws it. And every time it’s a dime. And Roman did a great job tracking it down. And that was big. So we hit some big plays.”"

So, from what it sounds like Jimmy has an arsenal of trick plays up his sleeve that we are not totally accustomed to him having. This is the 3rd game in a row where we have seen some form of trickery that’s led to a touchdown.