Aidan Hutchinson makes Michigan Football history with Heisman invite

Syndication: Detroit Free Press
Syndication: Detroit Free Press /

The Hutch for Heisman Trophy campaign got a little more real on Monday as the Michigan football star received his invitation to New York. 

There are a lot of players who deserve credit for Michigan football‘s turnaround season. But no one deserves more than Aidan Hutchinson and one of his rewards was an invitation to the Heisman Trophy award ceremony on Saturday.

Hutchinson is now officially a Heisman Trophy finalist. The last Wolverine to get an invite was Jabrill Peppers in 2016. The other true candidates before that were Chris Perry and Braylon Edwards, as well as the great Charles Woodson who won the award in 1997.

The difference between Peppers, Woodson, and Hutchinson is that Hutch only plays defense. Woodson was also a wide receiver and a return specialist. Peppers also played in all three phases.

Hutchinson is surely athletic enough to do it. He could probably do what Mike Vrabel used to do all those years for former Michigan Wolverine Tom Brady — catch touchdowns — but has never got the chance.

What are Hutchinson’s chances of winning the Heisman?

Aidan got the invite to New York along with Bryce Young, Ohio State quarterback C.J. Stroud, and Pittsburgh quarterback Kenny Pickett.

Young of course led Alabama to a win over Georgia and the top ranking in the College Football Playoffs. Michigan football is sitting at No. 2 and surely, the Wolverines and Hutchinson would love the chance to play Young because it would mean they too beat Georgia (in the semifinal).

But Hutchinson probably has a better shot of being a national champion than winning the Heisman. Young locked up that with his heroics the past two weeks.

However, Hutchinson still did something no other Michigan football player has ever done — he earned a Heisman invite as a defensive player only.

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Woodson didn’t do that, his offense and special teams plays were key to his campaign. Neither did Peppers and in a way, it’s fitting, because no other Michigan football player is quite like Aidan Hutchinson.