5 Things we learned from Michigan Football’s Big Ten Championship win

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Jim Harbaugh proved he was worth it

Many times in the past year, I’ve been called a Jim Harbaugh apologist. Well, after Harbaugh led Michigan to its first Big Ten championship in 17 years, the only people who need to apologize are the Wolverine fans who doubted him.

For a couple of years, Harbaugh and the Wolverines tried to be something they aren’t. They have plenty of speed but they aren’t speed-in-space. That’s not Harbaugh. Not Michigan.

When the chips were down, and his entire career was on the line, Harbaugh went into the fox hole and found himself. He went to his brother for a defensive coordinator and got two former Wolverines in Mike Hart and Ron Bellamy to help fix the culture.

He made promoted Sherrone Moore to co-OC and offensive line coach and, just like every move Harbaugh made this offseason, it was a rousing success.

It took seven years of building. Seven long years.

And staying on the top is even harder than getting there. But that’s next year’s challenge. For now, the Wolverines have more football to play.

Harbaugh was brought to Michigan, as we have all been reminded to beat his rivals, win the Big Ten and make the College Football Playoff.

Check. Check and check.

Now, pay that man his money.