3 Reasons Michigan Football will beat Iowa Hawkeyes

Syndication: The Columbus Dispatch
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Following a dominating victory over Ohio State, can Michigan football capture its first Big Ten title since 2004?

After finally vanquishing the beast that is the Ohio State Buckeyes, Michigan football has the opportunity to accomplish something they haven’t done in over 15 years.

Since the inception of the Big Ten Championship Game located in Indianapolis, Indiana, the Wolverines have failed to play in this game. But now they have that chance.

To win their first title game and be declared outright Big Ten champs, Michigan first must run through the midwest’s perennial hope and dream killer, the Iowa Hawkeyes.

Iowa enters this game ranked 13th in the College Football Playoff, and among one of the pleasant surprises during conference play.

Penned by many local and national writers to finish in the middle of the pack of Big Ten West teams, the Hawkeyes have taken their division by storm.

Along the road to Indianapolis the Hawkeyes have upset — at the time — favored teams such as Penn State and Minnesota, and have closed out nail-biting wins against teams such as Nebraska and Iowa State.

What can we make of all this?

That while Michigan might be ranked 2nd nationally and coming off a beatdown of the Buckeyes, Iowa is not an opponent that should be overlooked. The Hawkeyes will be a tough out as they typically are. Nonetheless, they are a team Michigan football should beat.

What reasons do we have for this level of confidence? And why will Michigan beat Iowa?

Let’s get into our three reasons why.