Michigan Football: 3 overreactions from Ohio State win

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2. Overemphasizing the run will wear out Hassan Haskins

This is also an overreaction because the kid is built to be a tank. I’m not saying that he won’t get injured, but he plays like a different species that is impervious to pain. Haskins has been in a zone ever since the Michigan State loss. He’s making a case that he should be in the Heisman race after having a Heisman moment with five touchdowns against the Buckeyes.

The depth at the position is what every coach in the country could ever want. A blossoming freshman who should take over the Haskins role next year and a speedster who can take it the distance on any given play. There’s no doubt that Edwards and Corum could start for any team in the nation and that is an embarrassment of riches that Michigan loves to display.

Having a veteran offensive line doesn’t hurt either. They definitely deserve the game ball just as much as Haskins on that offense.

They worked the offensive scheme perfectly versus their previously unsolved nemesis. So for as long as it takes, Michigan will ride their line as far as it will take them.