Michigan Football: 3 key stats that defined win over Ohio State

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Syndication: Detroit Free Press
Syndication: Detroit Free Press /

2.  Michigan football going 5 for 8 (62%) from 3rd Down

Undoubtedly one of the biggest factors was the offense putting itself in manageable 3rd down positions. In doing that, they were able to convert 62% of the time on 3rd Down compared to Ohio State’s measly 8-18 or 44%

We know in years past that Michigan football has had big-time struggles with putting themselves in a comfortable position on 3rd down, especially against the Buckeyes. In 2019, Michigan went 2-13 on 3rd Down compared to Ohio State’s 9-15.

We even saw the struggles this year against teams like Indiana and Penn State, where Michigan would find themselves in 3rd and long (6+ yards) and struggled to convert. Hopefully, this is a new leaf the Wolverines are turning over because elite teams like Ohio State normally convert on 3rd down, or at the bare minimum put themselves in a position to convert a 3rd and short.