Michigan Football: 3 keys to beating the Ohio State Buckeyes

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Second Key: Win the Time of Possession Battle

Your dad, uncle, and grandpa are watching modern-day college football screaming about why winning time of possession is important to winning the game.

You’ve probably heard the line of “when we have the ball, they can’t score!”. Except that’s not true in this day and age with dynamic offenses that can score in the blink of an eye.

Well, except for this game. In THIS game, the Wolverines should follow your boomer family’s advice on how to win a football game because that’s what Michigan needs to do. They did that in the 2017 game and it nearly worked (and would’ve worked if they had anyone other than John O’Korn at quarterback).

Ohio State wants nothing more than to get in a shootout with Michigan. The Wolverines could keep pace for a while, but in the end, it would be another blowout Buckeye win.

The Buck’s just have too much talent at too many positions to lose a track-meet to anyone. Let alone to their archival.

Michigan needs to have long, sustainable drives that result in touchdowns. Keeping the Buckeye offense on the sideline is just as good as scoring points. But when you cap off long drives that wear down the Buckeye defense that’s almost as good as two scores my friend.

Sideline the Buckeye offense. Win the time of possession battle by driving the ball the length of the field, and cap those drives off with touchdowns.