Michigan Basketball: 3 things to watch against Tarleton State

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Michigan basketball is coming off a humiliating loss in the championship round of the Roman Main Event tournament in Las Vegas, Nevada. Losing to Arizona by nearly 20 points. The Wolverines play Tarleton in Ann Arbor looking to rebound.

While there is a lot to complain about with the Wolverines so far this season there is also a lot to be excited about. We’re seeing young players develop and grow into absolute ballers game by game.

While the future looks grim now, it’s actually bright. With how young and inexperienced our team is, we can expect almost everyone to most likely come back next season, maybe even the next two.

Regardless, Michigan basketball needs to focus on Tarleton on Wednesday because it’s a huge rebound game whether or not Tarleton is any good.

1. How does the team rebound as a collective unit?

Michigan basketball, the whole season has looked dysfunctional and out of sync. The Wolverines are showing extreme growing pains with their inexperience and youth, but the natural talent and potential are through the roof in Ann Arbor.

It may be good for the Wolverines to endure early trials and tribulations, it teaches them how much energy and grit you need to put into every single game in order to win, no matter what number is next to their name.

Tarleton is a perfect measuring stick for the Wolverines. Tarleton is good enough to keep it within about 20 points against Kansas, so how well do they do against the Wolverines? While they are two completely different teams I think it’s a great way to see where we truly stack up.

We need to see more consistency from our guards and more effort from our forwards. The two players that have been a consistent bucket all season have been Brooks and Dickinson, which is no surprise, but we need our young players to step up.