Michigan Football: 3 stats that defined the win at Maryland

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Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports
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3. Team Stat – 8.8 yards per pass attempt

You’d be right in saying that this is a weird stat to include, possibly even an unnecessary or unimpressive one to include, but you’d be wrong about that assessment.

8.8 Yards per pass is huge. The only other times Michigan had over 8 yards per pass attempt were against Wisconsin and Michigan State.

Funny how our best passing games have come on the road. Anyway, even though we lost that game to Michigan State the offense looked absolutely fantastic, similarly against Wisconsin although they won.

If, and I very much emphasize “if” Michigan is able to replicate that success every game I can’t see them losing to the team down south unless the defense has an epic collapse like they did against Michigan State.

Michigan football passing the ball is a new identity they’re trying to install in the Michigan culture.

Before, it was ground and pound old fashion Big Ten football which was outdated and honestly not effective to the standard Michigan holds itself to.

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Either way, Michigan needs to continue its success passing the ball moving forward whether that’s in the Playoffs, The Rose Bowl, an NY6 Bowl, etc. but most importantly against the team down south.