Michigan Football: 5 key plays that led to win at Maryland

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Special Teams 81-yard touchdown return

Michigan football almost never gets creative with special teams. The Wolverines run generic vanilla sets and do what every team traditionally tries to do on special teams.

But Harbaugh whipped out some creativity against Maryland with this insane cross-field pass that led to a Michigan football TD.

One stupid little note but what I thought was hilarious was the camera angle was in the perfect position to catch the whole thing.

If they used the normal aerial camera, they may have missed this whole play. But shoutout to the Big Ten Network for getting the perfect angle on the perfect trick play.

Maryland had just scored off this play and was sort of building a little bit of momentum but this killed absolutely all of that with an electrifying run.

DJ Turner takes it to the house 42 yards

In past years it’s seemed that we’ve seen more flashy plays from the defense but not this year. They get their job done and do what they need to do to win football games and that’s exactly what you can ask for, but man did DJ Turner show some burners.

This pick-6  was the 4th Michigan touchdown in just eight minutes. There was a stretch where Michigan football and Maryland combined for six touchdowns. Did I mention they all came in the 3rd quarter as well?

DJ Turner, a Junior from Georgia got his 2nd interception this season, his first coming against Northwestern. He’s got huge potential for the Wolverines and I am looking forward to seeing how he builds off this fantastic performance and touchdown.