Michigan Basketball: 3 things we learned against UNLV

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2. Devante Jones needs to get it together

This is the second game where we have failed to see the Devante Jones that we were promised this season. He looks slow, he’s missing assignments on defense and he’s turning the ball over at an absolutely ridiculous rate.

Devante Jones was responsible for 5 of the Wolverines’ 12 turnovers against UNLV, that’s nearly half of the turnovers coming from one person. This is not a one-game problem for Jones, he had 3 of Michigan’s 11 turnovers against Seton Hall as well.

There are no statistics to back this up, but I honestly thought the offense moved more fluidly with Kobe Bufkin at the point controlling the tempo and sets. I trust Juwan Howard’s judgment 100%, I am not the coach but I think Bufkin should be getting more minutes.

A nice highlight about Devante Smith though is he is a beast getting boards off the glass. He had just as many rebounds as Dickinson and Moussa against UNLV. We know the talent is there for Devante, and it’s only 4 games into the season but at this level, he needs to figure it out.