Michigan Basketball: 3 things we learned against UNLV

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Michigan basketball defeated undefeated UNLV Rebels in the Roman Main Event Tournament. The Wolverines won handily 74-61 to advance to the championship game against Arizona.

Michigan basketball came out and lit sparks early against the Rebels. Jumping off to a back and forth game early, they started to pull away, but every time it seemed they did so UNLV would creep back into the game.

Michigan’s defense once again refused to play a full game allowing wide-open shots. However, UNLV was hitting some pretty crazy shots that were highly contested throughout the game. The defense shows glimpses of excellence and glimpses of misassignment and error.

There was plenty of this we learned against UNLV, here are some of the major things we learned this weekend against UNLV. If you stayed up at watched the 1:00 AM Tip-Off, I salute you.

1. Turnovers continue to be a consistent problem

Michigan basketball did not shy away from this game by turning the ball over. They recorded 12 turnovers throughout the game, with five of those coming directly from DeVante Jones who we will touch on later in this article.

This was a problem we talked about earlier in the week against Seton Hall and even last week against Buffalo and Prairie View A&M. Michigan’s been sloppy with the ball whether it’s in transition, miscues on passes or just kicking the ball out of bounce off the dribble.

If Michigan wants to have continued success this season turnover’s are the biggest holdback and they need to fix them as soon as possible.

Michigan’s turnovers kept Seton Hall in the game, and if it was not for a dominant performance by Dickinson, Moussa, and Brooks this could have easily been another loss for the Wolverines.