Michigan Football: 3 overreactions to Penn State win

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2. It was intelligent not to play J.J. McCarthy

This is also an overreaction because the kid can use every rep that he can get, especially in such hostile territory. McNamara played a nearly flawless game beside getting sacked and fumbling to give up the lead late in the fourth.

There is a reasonable, level-headed argument to say that he shouldn’t have been taken out though.

Perhaps things would have unraveled if McCarthy would have got called in for spot duty, it’s something we’ll never know.

However getting the youngster any type of playing time is still crucial to how he develops as he gets older and, in due time, takes over the reins of the entire offense as is expected.

This is likely one mistake that Harbaugh regrets in Saturday’s prevalent win, but it didn’t cost them.

As far as next week is concerned though, McCarthy should see extended action as long as Michigan football does what they are capable of doing against an easier opponent.

Having McCarthy ready as a secret weapon for Ohio State could be what Harbaugh has been waiting to unleash all season long.