Michigan Football: 5 Key Plays that led to a win at Penn State

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(Photo by Scott Taetsch/Getty Images)
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4. Touchdown Pass To Roman Wilson On Penn State’s 1 (12:00 3Q)

Michigan football really needed to ramp up the offense in the 2nd half if they were going to win the game. They came out with a fire lit under their you know what’s and drove down the field quickly and efficiently.

Michigan was able to punch it into the end zone to take a 14-6 lead against the Nittany Lions. This was a huge tone-setter for the start of the 2nd half.

You can hear the stadium go quiet after the Touchdown pass which evidently sucked the life out of Happy Valley.

This drive also gave the defense a boost of confidence as on the next Penn State drive they were shut down in seven plays and forced to punt.

3. Fake Field Goal Attempt By Penn State On Michigan’s 2 (3:29 1Q)

Boy was this a much-needed stop by the Wolverines. James Franklin after successfully getting a fake punt the drive before opted to try and trick the Wolverines again but they were not fooled whatsoever.

This drive most likely and probably should have resulted in a Touchdown. Poor playcalling by Penn State in the Red Zone should have at least guaranteed three points on the board. Franklin gambled, and that gamble was met with a group of Wolverines pouncing on Jordan Stout.

Unfortunately, even with all the momentum Michigan was unable to move the ball after that massive stop by the defense but it set a tone in Happy Valley that the Wolverines defense would bend but under no circumstances was it going to break.