Michigan Football: 5 things we learned from win over Indiana

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The Wolverines don’t have a plan with McCarthy

Harbaugh keeps saying that Michigan has a plan with J.J. McCarthy but you have to wonder what it is? Because the way he was used last night was curious, to say the least.

Even some of the times at Michigan State were strange, especially putting him in when U-M was up three and had the ball because even though Cade was getting looked at, I’m sure he was fine to go in, he played on the next series.

I do like the idea of getting McCarthy into the game but what’s the objective on a third-and-18? McCarthy nearly turned the ball over trying to make a play but when you throw in a freshman on a third-and-18 and say essentially: ‘Go make something happen’ what do you expect?

It was good to see him get more time with the regular offense and he drove the team down for a field goal before throwing an interception late on a tipped ball. He flashed his arm strength but when the score was 17-7 he threw a risky out route and if he wasn’t so talented, it might have been a pick-six and that could have changed things dramatically.

McCarthy is the future but Cade McNamara has been very effective and he gives Michigan football the best chance to win. So outside of a few specialty plays in the red zone and whatnot, Cade should stay on the field as much as possible.