Michigan Basketball: 5 things we learned against Wayne State

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Syndication: Detroit Free Press
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Moussa Diabate is going to be a problem in the Big Ten

The fact that Moussa Diabate didn’t even start and scored the same amount of points (14) as Hunter Dickinson should tell you all you need to know about him.

Moussa is going to be very very good for the Michigan Wolverines this year. The crazy thing is that the guy is still so raw, but is uber-talented.

The first thing about Moussa that jumps off the page is his energy. Moussa always seems to be around the ball. Whether it be on offense, getting rebounds, or on defense, blocking shots, the ball just seems to gravitate towards Moussa.

There were many times during the game yesterday that I thought a WSU player was going to make a layup, and out of nowhere, Moussa came flying in to swat the ball away.

The guy just reeks of athleticism and energy. He always seems to give his 100%, even when he messes up. He did get called for traveling 3-4 times, but that’s ok because if it takes a traveling call to stop a behemoth like Moussa, Michigan fans have to be happy about that.

I didn’t even mention his offensive display. It was old-school back-to-the-basket buckets. None of Wayne State’s centers or forwards could handle Moussa or Dickinson yesterday (the fact that WSU also didn’t have a player over 6’10 didn’t help either) and whenever one went out after showing a hot hand, the other picked up right where he left off and continued it.

I know one thing: the lineup is going to be scary when Hunter and Moussa play together. That’s the lineup of death.